Vote for Syria, defeat its enemies.

In Syria we are faced with two choices; voting Assad for President and saving Syria, or creating a power vacuum for Obamaite genocidal Islamic terrorists to rape, slaughter, behead, kidnap and
plunder under the eyes of United Nations and NATO. Join the Syrian Nationalist Party in asking President Bashar Assad to run, win and complete the mission of exterminating NATO Islamic terrorists.

For more than Three decades the Syrian Nationalist Party stood firmly in opposition to the Baath Arab Socialist Party that ruled Syria dictatorially, with the backing of Zionized Western Countries
and its Arab puppet regimes. Syrian Nationalists strived to build a Syrian Republic and a Syrian Nation independent of degenerated Arabs and free of Reptilian-Zionist enslavement. We
fought hard for independent Syrian policies that are in the interests of Syria and Syrians first and foremost. Today, there is no doubt that the policies and programs of the Baath Arab Socialist Party
were a miserable failure from the start. It relied on delusional concepts that are not only not attainable, but was refused by all Arabs who opted for Zionist-NATO dictated ones. Therefore, it
will seem incredibly odd that today we are asking the Baath Arab Socialist Party Chairman and the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar Assad to seek reelection in 2014.

We are demanding his re-election and the President should accept it, not for our sake, but for the sake of Syria, it's people future and keeping the country together. The enemies of Syria have long
salved and plotted the division of Syria into Zionist controlled sectarian puppet ruled sheikhdoms and every true Syrian must deny them this goal.

The Syrian Armed Forces, national volunteer units, brave brotherly forces from Lebanon have fought hard and sacrificed in martyrs, and in wealth in the fight against Zionist-Western financed and
backed Islamic Terrorists. This is not the time to hand victory to the enemies of our nation, the enemies of humanity. This is the time to give a humiliating and final defeat to the evil ones.

Recently, we have witnessed another Zionist plot on a neighboring country, Ukraine. We seen how the very first act of malicious attempt to bring down and divide a Nation, rob it of its gold reserve,
is to remove its President illegally. Afterward, airlift its gold reserve to be melted and shipped to the Reptiles Race, as the German's gold reserve, Iraq's, Libya's and other countries gold reserve has
vanished without a trace*. Now, thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin, a world respected and renowned leader swift actions, part of this Ukrainian nation is saved, gleaming at brighter prosperous
future and the other part in the west, is under Zionist enslavement and dreaded austerity is its future.


*On September 11, 2001, The vaults of Bank of Nova Scotia world's gold reserve were stolen a day before several Nuclear devises detonated to demolish the towers above. Evidences surfacing,
witnesses coming forth now, proving that the world gold reserve were removed the day before, and even during the demolition. Video of truck full of Gold stuck on the underpass is available by
FEMA first responder, along with evidence that the entire Nova Scotia Bank gold vault, housing the world gold reserve, was empty and vault doors ajar, the gold vanished without a trace.


[ Because the enemies of humanity, serving a reptilian race of fallen ones, managed to control our planet through secret societies, false religions, deception, espionage, terrorism, warfare,
false propaganda, distortion of mankind and natural history, it was the "secrecy" and oath swearing that gave them the power and victory. Therefore, this website is intentionally left blank
so that we have an equal power ]

Metaz K M Aldendeshe
Chief Strategist
Syrian Nationalist Party